Rural High-Speed Internet

High speed internet is now within reach to almost everyone in Canada. Products such as satellite Internet and wireless internet from Xplornet make this all possible.

Scheel Communications is an authorized dealer for Xplornet Internet Services. Xplornet delivers quality internet service using quality products from motorola and has a 24/7/365 call centre with the best tech support out there.

Wireless internet is sent from a local tower to a SM installed on your home. This is the link that allows fast downloads, streaming video's, fast web surfing etc.

Give us a call today and we can perform a site survey to see if this service is available in your area. If it is not don't sweat it, satellite internet is another option that will link highspeed directly to your home

Xplornet FAQ's

How does Xplornet fixed wireless Internet service work?
Once we determine service availability, we will arrange to have a fixed wireless modem (about the size of a small shoebox) installed on the outside of your home or building. A cable is then run to your computer inside your home or office.

How much will the service cost?
Xplornet has a variety of residential and business packages to choose from. The most popular service
package costs just under $50 a month. There is a one-time activation fee. Additional installation and
site-survey fees may also apply. Please contact us for details.

What kind of speed can I expect?
Xplornet service packages provide different speeds, all faster than a standard dial-up connection.
Download speeds range from up to 300 kbps (7.5x faster than dial-up) to up to 5.0 Mbps (125x faster than dial-up).1

How do I know which package is right for me?
It all comes down to your needs and anticipated Internet usage. Generally speaking, Xplornet Zoom
(up to 1.5 Mbps download) or Xpress (up to 3.0 Mbps download) packages are suitable for most
residential customers.For business customers, the Small Biz package tends to meet most business needs.

1. Actual speed online may vary with your choice of package, technical configuration, Internet traffic, server or other factors.
2. When compared to a standard dial-up modem speed of 40 kbps.

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