Pre Construction Wiring

Did you know that often there isn't even a phone or cable jack in new homes being built today. One of the most overlooked items during new construction is pre-wireing, when asked most customers didn't even think of having their new home pre-wired & most couldn't believe how affordable it is to have it done at the time of construction. In fact it is cheaper to have it done during construction rather than retro fitting it into a home that is built already.

If you are considering building a new home or business, have our team plan, design & professionally pre-wire your new home or business for the future.

Some of the things to consider when building a new home or business are:

  • Telephone
  • Cable
  • Satellite TV
  • High Speed Internet
  • HDTV
  • Data (Computer Networking)
  • Home Theatre
  • Distributed Audio (Music Through The House)
  • Security System
  • Cameras
  • Flat Panel Televisions
  • Intercoms
  • And More

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