Audio Systems

We can put speakers in your bathroom, office, dining room, outside by the pool or hot tub. Any room you choose we can install it there! Imagine each member of the family being able to listen to the music of their choice or enjoy the home theatre system, all at the same time,without having shelves and shelves of obtrusive stereo equipment in each room!


  • Store all of your albums on one centralized music server.
  • Stream to individual or multiple rooms simultaneously.
  • Enjoy you favourite tunes!

We sell and install products from JBL and Nuvo Technologies:

  • Flush mount or hidden speakers.
  • Wall mounted audio equipment.
  • Central control panels, touch screens, keypads, and remote controls.
  • Low profile equipment all combine to add convenience, comfort, and style to your new home.

Residential and Commercial Pre-wiring
If you are having a home built, this is the perfect time to think about multi-room audio! Not only can multi-room audio increase the value of your home, but it brings enjoyment and value to your life by providing music, in any room, at your fingertips. New construction, remodeling one or more rooms and automating your home are ideal times to install a custom audio system.

What is Nuvo?

Nuvo is music throughout your home. With Nuvo you can listen to separate music in different rooms and control it from the keypad in each room at the same time. Give us a call and we can demo a system for you today!

Here you can learn more about the various system options available to you through NuVo, including features, specifications, and more. Choose from any of the products or systems listed to learn more.

Multi-source, multi-zone sound was never so simple or affordable. It's like no other affordable home sound system available today.

Delivering the robust power and features you would expect of higher priced systems.


Concerto gives you the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from six different sound sources, delivering music to up to eight different listening zones in the home.


Renovia means amazing accessibility and flexibility by allowing for six sound sources in up to eight different listening zones, all operating over a home's power lines. A great whole home audio system, a painless installation.

Renovia Features:

  • Whole Home Audio in up to 8 different rooms
  • Quick, simple installation for a reliable retrofit solution
  • Designed for discreet placement with either in-wall or desktop amplifier formats
  • Built-in Dual AM/FM/SIRIUS-Ready Dual Tuner and 2 Renovia NuVoDock specified inputs
  • Wide range of control options


AccentPLUS1  |  AccentPLUS2
Now NuVo offers two lines of performance speakers for your home: AccentPLUS1 and AccentPLUS2. There’s an AccentPLUS speaker to match any listening need or home décor.

With a simple touch of a single remote control or wall unit, you can choose from preset stations, adjust the volume, switch from AM to FM, all in an instant.

NuVoDock for iPod
Infuse your iPod with your entire home with the NuVoDock for iPod. Now you can listen to your iPod's collection from any zone in and around your home, through your whole home audio system. Regardless of the location of your dock, instantly call up, browse and control your iPod from the Concerto, Essentia or Wireless Control Pads, or the new Color Touch Pad.

Music Port - Whatever Source You Want It To Be
Manage multiple sources of music from anywhere in the house through one comprehensive library.

Audio Amplifiers
The NV-P2100 amplifier is compact, powerful, and delivers high efficiency stereo amplification at 200 watts while remaining cooler than other amplifiers.

Navigate and manage your system with NuVo's variety of feature-rich wired and wireless control options.

Conversion Kits, Rack Mounts, Telephone/Doorbell Mute Interfaces...don’t forget to check out our complete line of accessories.

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